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About our Collingwood electricians

Electricians in Collingwood, Blue Mountains, Simcoe County and area

Electrical repairs need to be done carefully and correctly – and by skilled professionals! That’s why the expert electricians at Michael Rigney Electric Ltd strive to provide the highest quality of electrical services around Ontario.

Our licensed and trained electricians are highly qualified to carry out a variety of electrical services, be it residential, commercial, or agricultural.

Meet Our Team

Get to know the team that makes Rigney Electric the preferred electricians for homes, business and farms.

Michael Rigney of Rigney Electric Collingwood

Michael Rigney

This is the OG of Rigney Electric! With 46 years in the industry and owning his own business for 39 years. Michael has truly overcome and seen his share of electrical highs and lows.

Matthew Rigney of Rigney Electric Collingwood

Matthew Rigney

Matthew has been with the business since he was a co-op student over 10 years ago. He is a Lutron Pro. Always brings with him a readiness to get the job done.

Cesare Viscomi of Rigney Electric Collingwood

Cesare Viscomi

Cesare has been with Rigney for 17 years. His understanding and knowledge of the trade has helped so many clients achieve their visions. Cesare is very compassionate and a man of his word. The dedication and time he puts into a project is something that truly stands out. Including high tech programmable home systems.

Brian Ogle of Rigney Electric Collingwood

Brian Ogle

Brian has been with Rigney for 20 years. With that being said, the trust and thought he puts into every single project is a masterpiece. Brian is a man with few words. As he is always brainstorming what the next big dream he can achieve for our clients. This also includes with his sidekick Ceasre their ability to program some of the most intricate home systems that the area has ever seen.

Andrew Lang of Rigney Electric Collingwood

Andrew Lang

Andrew has 20 years in the industry. His charming personality and attention to detail stands him apart from your everyday contractor. Andrew is extremely involved with the team and our clients making sure everything is at a high level of workmanship.

Liam McCarroll of Rigney Electric Collingwood

Liam McCarroll

Helping us with everything we need to make sure the jobs are completed safely and to the best of our ability. Liam works extremely well with our team and is always trying to improve and learn the art of being in this industry.